Version 3.0

websites Sep 10, 2020

You might have a noticed a change around here, and you would be right. Courage: To Question has moved to a different theme in order to make it easier to access and read content.


  • Light / Dark Toggle - Do you prefer white text on a dark background, or black text on a light background? You can swap at ease!
  • Reading Progress Indicator (RPI) - As you read each article, you’ll get a general idea of how much you’ve read, and how much you’ve got left. There is also a neat tappable / clickable arrow that can take you back to the top. Look on your right!
  • Sharing - You’ll now find buttons to share it on either Facebook or Twitter. These can be found just below the RPI.
  • Featured section - Previously it only showed one featured article at a time…but now there’s more than one! You can toggle it with the arrows.
  • Search functionality - Looking for a specific post? Type in the name of the post.


  • Infinite scrolling - Previously, the page would continue loading articles until the very last one. It wasn’t a problem before, as I did not have many. But as the amount of content grows, this would have likely been a heavier load on computers and mobile device. Content is now sorted by pages.
  • Featured author - There was a little icon that showed who wrote the article. Since I am the sole author here, it was removed to make the experience cleaner.

Take care and have a great weekend!


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