The World's Most Dangerous Bird

miscellaneous Aug 10, 2020

What is the world’s most dangerous bird? I’ll wait. I wouldn't be surprised if you threw out names like eagle, hawk, ostrich, angry hen. And you’d be wrong.

CTQ readers, meet the Cassowary: the most baddest, scariest, avian creature on the third rock from the sun. The Guinness Book of World Records confirms it. No, I will not look for a source.

I found out about it whilst playing a game called Far Cry 3. Menaces, the lot of them. I did not like coming across them in-game, and I sure as hell would not want to encounter one in the wild (though I hear they’re mostly tame, unless used to being around humans).

The cassowary is the second-heaviest bird in the world, behind the ostrich. And…can run nearly as fast as its cousin can: 50 km/h. Though it would probably run off straight into the water, as it resides in Australia. However, I do not doubt its badassery for one second, as Mr. Cassowary would probably run across the Indian Ocean just to prove a point.

They kind of look like as if Evolution decided they should be a reminder that dinosaurs once ruled the Earth (except someone forgot to tell evolution that a meteor handled them, and that a cockroach is arguably built in God’s image).

Source: Margyle Unbound

I digressed (as usual).

To continue with the badass theme, the females are stronger and bigger than their male counterparts. That is NOT the badass bit. This is: during mating, they take the active role and take up to three mates contiguously. After coitus, the male is left to incubate the eggs and raise the erm…baby casseroles, I mean cassowary. He doesn’t even have the benefit of a paternity test.

I see some women taking notes. Ahem.

The cassowary also has the The FEET of DOOM™ (click to see how scary one is). They have a dagger-like claw that can grow to 12.7 centimeters (five inches long). Apparently, they only use them when they panic. So, if you meet one, have Valium or Xanax or some other relaxant on hand.

Cassowary Bird-001
Birding for Pleasure (Blogspot)

Honestly, does this look like a bird you wanna mess with?

This is a recycled post.

I have many new and original posts in the pipeline, but my brain and spirit are currently dealing with a load of things. Actually, that's my next post. About my writing process. Stay tuned!


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