Joy to the World

essays May 24, 2020

The world we live in may be overwhelmingly sad and depressing. Life may be pointless and eventually we shall all be forgotten and time shall carry on. In this humbling thought, a thought that can seemingly bring one down to earth, to see darkness, you must remember that you are here and that you are not bound to live in despair and agony. You can find happiness and fulfillment in freedom, if you know how to get there.

You must never forget your beliefs, never forget who you are, find enjoyment but remain yourself. It is possible.  You must show passion for the things you love. You only get to experience the world once, so why restrict yourself to a cage? You have the opportunity to be free. You must forget all your previous misgivings and start afresh. Live as a free person, who doesn't accept censorship or boundaries.

You are you, and you are amazing.

You never have to feel one way. Empower yourself with the freedom of thought. You can pretend and resent, you can hide under layers of self-preservation, or you can live life. When you jump into the abyss of nihilism, when you fall into darkness and you realize you are flying, you are not bound by morals, expectations, or restraint. You can go where you want to go. Rather than show hatred for others who cannot understand, for those who are naïve to what is around them. Show them the true nature of things and free them as you have freed yourself.

I say this not out of egoist wants, but from a love of humanity. As much as I criticize and show frustration with society, I cannot help but love it. To hope that none end up like me, I try to show you the nature of things now, whilst you still have a chance. As long as you live, it is never too late to accept. Heartache and pain, suffering, and despair are all parts of life, it will never be easy being free, but it is something that we all need.

With the fear of embarrassing myself, I tell you to be free, not follow what governments want you to follow, but to find yourself, to find your true beliefs and be free. Wealth is luxurious, but knowledge and freedom are invaluable. You need not a qualification to be this, but to discover yourself, not religion, not law, but you.

As long as you are you, and you are not afraid to experience, to feel, then you are free.


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