Interlude 2020

miscellaneous Sep 4, 2020

Hello there!

I hope that you have been keeping yourself physically and mentally sound.

If I have been absent or non-communicative, please do not take as a sign that I have discarded you from my life. My current job involves talking to people the whole day. Yes, I know that most jobs involve that. But I teach one-on-one, and it requires active listening, and constantly digging into my brain to develop intellectual rapport, emotional rapport, and adding something beyond what they would normally take from a conventional lesson. Not that I am special or anything.

Because of this, I often return home worn out, and with little desire to actively listen again. I would not want you to share something that you thought was important to you...only to have me subconsciously discard it after a few minutes because it's too much cognitive load.

Anyways, I originally planned to post some content that could hopefully get your brain thinking. However, upon further reflection, I decided that I need some more time to debate internally and to research a bit more before committing it to a series of seemingly unrelated posts.

As a result, the next few posts are likely to be much lighter in tone and content. As many of you know, I am my own harshest critic, and I would not share something that has gone through a gazillion processes and checks. And even then, I would probably find something to complain about.

Additionally, I would like to add a disclaimer of sorts.

The thoughts that I have shared on this blog before, and ones that I will continue to in the future: are not original.


There is nothing in my life that is wholly unique, save perhaps the combination of one or more happenstances. I have not said anything that another has not before. I am not as intelligent and astute as many claim me to be. I simply can read information and recognize the potential of that information. That potential can be used for good, or for bad. And no, it does mean I can exploit that BUT, I can perhaps convert it into insights for those who can.

Some of you are already disagreeing with me and shaking your heads at your screens. But what I do, anyone can do...if they allow themselves to do so. Any person is an expert in at least one domain, no matter how small it is.

I am an expert on precisely none. In common parlance, we call that a jack of all trades or more recently, a generalist. And trust me, no one likes a generalist. I would know, it has not exactly set my professional life alight.

Stay safe. Love one another. Practice self-care. Namaste.

I would never end a blog post with such a cliché line. C' know better than that.

Per Audacia Ad Astra. From Adversity to the Stars.


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