Denouement 2019: YouTube Channels

denouement Dec 30, 2019

I subscribe to a couple of YouTube channels, but the ones listed here consistently put out high-quality content that always gets me to stop what I am doing and tune in.

I’ve grouped some together in order to make the list shorter.

Here they are:


Archipel is a channel that focuses on Japanese artists and their inspirations. This ranges from traditional art, to food, to music to video games. Their high-quality production value only accentuates the interesting content they put out.

Start with Ebb and Flow - Conversations on the momentum of Japanese game industry.

They’ve also posted Japanese subtitles on Medium in case you’d like to learn how some uncommon words and phrases are used.

Caspian Report

I couldn’t let you go without a channel that analyzes global and local socioeconomic and political sphere. Based in Baku, Azerbaijan, the group provides a good summary of certain situations from two or more points of view…well, as much as can be covered in video format.

If you’d like more, subscribe to them on Patreon. Here's a free one.

Just jump straight into the channel here.

Casually Explained

This channel features a series of educational videos (that border on parody) about anything and everything. Full of wit, sarcasm and interesting observations; the videos never overstay their welcome.

Start with Is She Into You?

Noah Caldwell-Gervais / Raycevick

These two are my favorite game critics on YouTube. Their content is often upwards of 60 minutes, and often delves into thematic content, gameplay mechanic, narrative intent and ludonarrative dissonance. Yes, I just threw a bunch of words at you so I can sound smart. But really, it’s all there.

Start with A Through Look at God of War and The Years Later… series.

Girlfriend Reviews

This channel is a true gem. Instead of reviewing video games, it talks about the being experience of being someone who watches her boyfriend plays games. The humor is always on point, and her “hol’ up a minute” always has me dying in stitches and of cuteness. What can I say? Sometimes I’m simple like that.

Start with Should Your Boyfriend Play Red Dead Redemption 2?

GVMERS / Noclip

GVMERS is basically the NatGeo of gaming. With Steve's voice as iconic as that of David Attenborough.

Start with The Rise & Fall of Medal of Honor (I never knew Steven Spielberg was involved at the start).

On the other hand, Noclip is a crowdfunded video game documentary machine that crafts meticulous content. They also have a series that go into different film-making techniques. So cool.

Start with the How the Simulation of Hitman Level Works.

Hot Ones (First We Feast)

Sean Evans and his team have a carved out a niche where they meticulously investigate their interviewees, before putting them through the gauntlet: a series of questions interspersed with some REALLY hot wings.

Nothing brings out the honesty quite like hot food.

Stat with ScarJo and Gordon Ramsey.

Also read interviews on Hollywood Report and The Verge.


I don’t know who nosbo2007, but the person does a bang-up job with this channel. Hip-hop music is known for sampling, in fact, the whole reason laws exist for sampling arose due to the genre going wild on it.

The channel takes you through select songs through each decade and shows how the sample was twisted (excuse me…chopped and screwed) into the popular song you know.

I am constantly amazed at how producers breathe new life into snippets of songs made in the 40s.

Start with Top 100 - My Favorite Hip-Hop/Rap Samples of the 2010s (1/4).

Tiny Desk Concerts (NPR Music)

Can’t go to a concert? NPR Music has got a small substitute.

TDC provides us with an intimate look into some of songs that are reinterpreted by each artist. These often include storytelling between sets. It’s a reminder that music is wonderful.

There’s too many to pick from. Watch from either the official site or YouTube.



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