Breaking Sad

introspection Aug 2, 2020

This is a companion piece to Depression. It was written by the somewhat prolific Remy Carreiro, who writes for a multitude of websites including (but not limited to) This is Morpheus, Unreality Mag, Bloody Disgusting and TV Overmind.

Everyone is sad, in some way or another. It is not like some random disease that skips people. We can all relate to love. We can all relate to the need for food, water, and sleep. But even though we all don’t seem to want to admit it, we relate to one another’s sadness as well. We may rarely look at one another and admit that, but don’t you think, as a society, we should?

Perhaps if we used that as a common bond, our sadness would not be so taboo in society. It’s funny, you can be horny, angry, and even mean. All those things seem to just get accepted. But being sad? Well, people don’t want to see that, and don’t know what to do when they do see it. Well, I have an insane idea. How about we offer sympathy? How about we approach the sad person and let them know we know that feeling, and that they are not alone in it?

How about we offer them a hand, and let them know, we also have an ear if they need to get it out?


You see, the problem with sadness is, it can be like poison. Sometimes, the only way anyone can get that poison out of them is by talking about it. Admitting it is there is the first step to exorcising the demon. The demon (that is sadness) will not just up and randomly leave you forever. That is not how sadness functions. It may leave for a day or two, but it will crawl back. It always does. But the crazy thing no one seems to understand is, we need sadness. We require it. Much like dry Earth sometimes requires rain, even though rain can be a pain in the ass. Everyone wants to break sadness. To find a way to push it away and never deal with it again. But let me ask you, if it was sunny every single day for the rest of your life, don’t you think you would stop noticing how special sunny days were?

Sadness and depression are a big part of our society, but maybe we need to stop and reassess. By acknowledging someone’s sadness, that instantly lessens the pain of it. Outside of that, we need to know, it needs to rain sometimes. Sadness is okay from time to time, as long as the rain doesn’t stop in just one place and stay there. That is how we get flooded. That is how we let the sadness win. But, the simple act of letting someone know you see and recognize that? Well, that is the umbrella that will keep them from getting completely soaked by it.

Be that umbrella for someone, and don’t be too scared or proud to let someone be that umbrella for you.

‘Nuff Said


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